This year is not over. We have one more month! But, let's look back at some, certainly not all, of the most memorable Twitter pics Japan has seen so far this year.

Via Matome Naver, some of the photos went viral. Some are beautiful. Some are odd. And some are cool. What they all have in common is that they are often out of the ordinary and make people in Japan pause, and then favorite or retweet.

Of course there are many more photos, but as November draws to a close and we go into December, let's have a look back. And yes, there are lots of cat pics.

[Photo: l_XwX_l]

[Photo: akatsukipatriot]

[Photo: 1341S98]

[Photo: Ma_kuso]

[Photo: enokidonoriko]

[Photo: Redstar_my_hero]

[Photo: f6f0704]

[Photo: X_in_Ego]

[Photo: udama1212]


[Photos: yes_single]

[Photo: unya0718]

[Photo: snagsi]

[Photo: sinomoritsukasa]

[Photo: kbtsmg]

[Photo: syokupan_men]

[Photos: shun1_ocean]

[Photo: nobi928]

[Photo: Akaisans]

[Photo: bluestylecom]

[Photo: koga_koharu]

[Photo: kkrn68x]

[Photo: mac_fukuda]

[Photo: doktornight]

[Photo: BCNR33_L]

[Photo: FT4]

[Photo: tweet_zoopics]

[Photo: toji_fl]

[Photo: na74]

[Photo: taisho1968]

[Photo: nodonyaaaaaaaan]

via Naver

Top photo: bobumattya

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