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On the off chance you’re not already sick of LittleBigPlanet’s over-exposed Sackboys, boy, are you in for a merchandise-related treat.


Officially-licensed replica Sackboys are now available for purchase from online retailer Play-Asia. They’re small (at either 4” or 10"), they’re ugly (what, no adorable slack-jawed grin?), they're guaranteed to not sing offending verses of the Quran and they go for either $9.90 (4") or $15.90 (10") each.

Watch them sell out like *that*.

LittleBigPlanet Plushies [Play Asia, via PS3F]

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Eugh. These things are hideous. D: What the hell is that thing on their neck supposed to be? I know the real sackboy has a zipper right there...Where's his trademark tongue? ._.

And what disturbs me the most is that these are the offically liscensed ones. u_u