Buy Dragon Age II, Get Mass Effect 2 Free

BioWare celebrates the success of Dragon Age II by giving fans that purchase and register a copy of the game online before April 30 a free copy of the PC version of Mass Effect 2. How does the offer work?

It's simple! If you've already activated the Online Pass that came in your copy of Dragon Age II for the PC, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3, you're halfway there. Once you've gained access to the Black Emporium, head over to the Mass Effect 2 offer page, enter your Online Pass code, and you'll be provided with a code that allows you to download Mass Effect 2 from EA's online store.


The offer is part of BioWare's sequel celebration, a way to say thank you to fans for purchasing more than one million copies of Dragon Age II within two weeks of the game's release.

What a lovely gift, provided you haven't already purchased Mass Effect 2 and have a PC that can run it well. If you partake, let us know how smoothly the transaction goes in comments!

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