Butt Animations Have Gone Too Far

Those playing through WildStar, the new science fiction MMO by Carbine Studios, might've noticed something a little, err, lively about the way certain character's butts sway.


Spotted this weekend by game critic Rowan Kaiser, it seems the walking animations for the Mordesh (which are space zombies in WildStar) are quite the thing to behold:

Here's a closer look by Fluffy Meowington, which also includes some other walking animations for comparison's sake (namely, that of the Granok, Mordesh, and human.) You might want to turn the volume down for this one, since the accompanying song isn't so great:

Female Mordesh aren't the only ones with a ton of sway, but not every character has such extreme butt animations, either.

I can't decide if I'd find this distracting while playing or not. And hey, maybe that's sort of the point: some players like to talk about how, if they're going to be staring at someone's butt for countless hours, it might as well be a nice view. WildStar seems to take that idea to heart, though the result is almost silly—kind of like the breasts in Ryse.

(Via Rowan Kaiser)



Typo in the headline. Should read:

Butt Animations Haven't Gone Far Enough