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I expected the official PlayStation Blog to quiz BioShock mastermind Ken Levine on PlayStation topics like 3D and the Move. I expected him to drop intriguing comments like one about how sniper rifles will "become very meaningful" in the expanse of BioShock Infinite.


I didn't expect the PlayStation blog to ask if next year's BioShock will have a New Game Plus mode.

They did, and he answered, cryptically:

PlayStation Blog: Replayability is a hot topic for single-player-focused games. Have you been thinking about ways to encourage replay, maybe a New Game Plus mode? Is that up for debate?

Levine: I'll just say that yes, we do think a lot about this topic. I can't talk about what we're thinking specifically. If we're going to do it, we want to find a BioShock way to do it. People will see more as time goes on.


I'm happy with my BioShocks being fun to play the first time through. What could they add to make a second play-through worthwhile?

BioShock Infinite Q&A: Ken Levine's PlayStation Moves [PlayStation Blog]

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