Burnout Paradise Cagney Update Dated

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Criterion continues to roll out their giant content patches for Burnout Paradise. Hot on the heels of the Bogart patch, which mainly consisted of bug fixes and a few minor features, the company has announced the official release date for the more ambitious Cagney update. On July 10th at 9AM UK time, Burnout Paradise owners will gain access to three new Freeburn modes, over 70 new Freeburn challenges, two new vehicles, 3 new liveries, and the long-awaited ability to create custom soundtracks on your PlayStation 3. Hit the link below to see a full rundown of the changes coming with Cagney.


I finally bought the game this weekend ($40 at Walmart) and I must say I am not disappointed with my purchase. A whole lot of game for a rather nice price, and with August bringing the addition of motorcycles to the game it only gets better.

Criterion Games Announces Date for Cagney Software Update [The Criterion Games Blog]

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@Gantz: Your Trusted Friend in Science.: devs are implementing it in their games still, but until in shirt xmb is put on you can't do it on "everything"