Buried Treasures

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You know what a good way to start off one's weekend is? Well, for you it might be stimulating conversation between you and fellow game-loving enthusiasts in this here very post. This open thread is all yours to do with what you please.


Well, how I'm starting my weekend is with the good news that I'll be getting a peek at Dark Souls in just a few weeks. I'm something of a still raging Demon's Souls fan, so this is very, very exciting for me, personally. We'll talk about it when that preview gets a little closer, so I can tap the brains of interested Kotaku readers.

Another way to start one's weekend off right might be with some free stuff. We occasionally get codes for downloadable games that we can't or don't always use, so Open Thread readers should get 'em.


Let's start with Stacking DLC. Here are two codes for the Xbox Live version of The Lost Hobo King add-on. You're going to need the original Stacking to enjoy these. (I'm saving the PSN ones for when the service returns.)


Here's one for Full House Poker on Xbox Live.


If you use 'em, please say so in the comments.

Here's a few other things to enjoy, no code required.

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Just noticed Netflix got a bunch of new anime, including Xenosaga. I remember watching some of it a few years ago and liking it, so now I get to see it all, yay.