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Burger King Has a "Black Ninja" Burger in Japan. No, Really.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dark outfits. Throwing stars. Burgers? When you think of ninja, you probably think of their lore. You don't think of Burger King. You might now.


For a limited time, Burger King is rolling out the "Black Ninja." As NariNari points out, the burger uses black buns like last year's Premium Kuro (Black) Burger. At the time, Burger King said the concept behind it was "irrationality."


The concept behind this latest effort certainly can't be stealth, because there's nothing sneaky about a black bunned burger with a Whopper patty, hashed browns, and a big slab of bacon.

The Black Ninja is priced at 680 yen (US$6.75) and will go on sale October 25.


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