Bungie's Halo Game Announcement Held Back For A "Dedicated Event"

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Click to viewOh, the drama. To recap: Bungie were going to announce a game at E3. Then they didn't. Turns out at least one of Bungie's projectsis a Halo game. That new, Bungie Halo game, to be obviously published by MS, was supposed to be unveiled during Microsoft's keynote, but according to Don Mattrick, they pulled it at the last minute. Why? Because Microsoft - perhaps catching wind of the sub-par standard of their competitor's addresses - felt they already "had an embarrassment of riches", and that they "felt we could do this game more justice with a more dedicated event". Maybe, though you've also totally taken the wind out of that announcement's sails with all this meddling.


Microsoft explains Halo's no-show at E3 game conference [LA Times]


Luke Plunkett

@DontTouchMyDaughterYouFilthyGa...: While this is far from PROOF, yeah, that's looking like the most likely explanation.