Bungie Still Hasn't Fixed All Of Destiny's Raid Exploits

What do you do when cheese expires? You go get some new cheese, of course.

When I re-reviewed Destiny last week, I talked about the narrative that has emerged in this game over the past few months:

  1. Players come up with an exploit.
  2. Bungie patches it.
  3. Players find a new exploit.

Yesterday, Bungie patched a number of popular exploits—or, "cheeses," in player parlance—to Destiny's high-level Crota's End raid. It is now no longer possible to launch oneself through the first section on the blast from a lantern, nor is it possible to complete the bridge section without crossing the bridge. Most notable of all, you can no longer beat Crota by pulling out your LAN cable mid-fight.


Those changes notwithstanding, players are already demonstrating alternate ways to solo the first two sections of the raid.


The Lantern-Leap

For starters, the opening lantern-run can be bypassed in much the same way as before. Instead of being launched by a lantern blast, you can simply… jump to the same spot.

You'll want to have your agility maxed out and a gun with the "lightweight" perk (Murmur, Ice Breaker, etc.). With that all set, go to the usual place where you'd let the lantern launch you, get the lantern to clear off weight of darkness, and do your mightiest double-jump/leap up to the higher area. The rest of the cheese plays out the same as the original method.

User jon doe demonstrates the new jump on YouTube (via Digital Trends):

Players are reporting that the jump is possible with all three classes. I've pulled it off with my Titan so far; I haven't tried it with my Warlock and am still working out the jump with my Hunter. It doesn't seem much more difficult than any other method and, humorously, all the stuff at the end works exactly the same. Goodbye ogre, hello piece of armor! (Hopefully.)


The Solo Bridge-Cross

The patch has made it so that at least one player has to actually cross the bridge during the bridge section in order to complete it. That's not as limiting as it may sound, however. It's still possible to de-spawn thralls on the first side by getting to a high vantage, and only one player has to cross, meaning that it's still possible—though more difficult—to solo the whole thing.


Here, CoconutBraGaming demonstrates the new method:

The raid's two chests are still solo-able, though neither will offer a chance at an exotic weapon. As for soloing The Deathsinger (which now has a loot drop) and Crota himself, well, both are possible, but both will require a bit more skill to pull off.


If you've found any more good exploits for Crota's End, I hope you'll share them below.

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Jason Schreier

As sympathetic I am to the developers at Bungie who can't seem to fix all of the bugs and issues that keep popping up, I also can't help but feel like this is karma for them making so many terrible, player-unfriendly decisions. You want to make our hard-earned Vault of Glass armor worthless, then design a system that arbitrarily prevents us from hitting 32 until we farm enough radiant shards? Fine. We'll exploit your game.