Bungie Returns to Apple Platforms With Bungie Mobile

Once upon a time, Halo was supposed to be a Mac game, but, to make a long story too-short, Bungie Studio's legendary first-person shooter wound up on Microsoft's Xbox in 2001.

A decade later, Bungie finally has made something for the Mac again... Bungie Mobile, a brand-new free app for iPhone and iPad that the development studio describes as the "first of many" steps into the "mobile world." (Get the app from iTunes.)


Bungie Mobile is currently, primarily a socially-connected stat-tracking service for Bungie's final Halo , Halo: Reach. But on the company blog, the Bungie folks are talking about more involved "plans to keep updating Bungie.net Mobile with new features and enhancements in the months and years to come."

Grabbing the free app for your iOS device and syncing it to your Xbox-Live-linked Windows Live ID currently pulls in your Reach stats. It also unlocks a pair of items for Reach, a Blue Flame armor effect and an all-sar nameplate that can then be granted to seven friends.

Bungie isn't saying yet if they're making any mobile games. Their only announced gaming project for any machine is the new action game (a shooter MMO, it's rumored) that they're making for multiple platforms, including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. That game will be published by Activision. Bungie Mobile appears to be Bungie operating solo.


Bungie Mobile [Bungie.net]

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