Bungie Removes Destiny's Most Popular Exploit

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Farewell, Omnigul farming. Thanks to a new hotfix, Destiny players will no longer be able to repeatedly kill Omnigul for blue loot. Moon wizards, rejoice.

Of course, this doesn’t solve the major problem that Rise of the Iron brought to the table. The problem, as anyone who’s played Destiny over the past week knows, is that leveling past 340 is a major grind. It’s a convoluted process with arbitrary rules (blue engrams are capped at 340, but decrypted blue gear can drop up to 365 for some reason) that can be very, very time-consuming. Making progress in the new raid requires you to be at least 355 or 360, and getting there can be a chore unless you read in-depth FAQs on how to do it.

Players had farmed Omnigul as an easy way to bypass this nonsense (and level far more quickly), but as usual, Bungie is trying to treat the symptom rather than the cause. It’s standard Destiny rhythm: Bungie creates a tedious experience, so players find an exploit to get around it. Instead of trying to make the experience less tedious, Bungie simply removes the exploit.


At least there’s a bit of good news: Bungie has upped the drop rate of SIVA Offerings (the items that let you trigger the Archon’s Forge) and added a guaranteed way to get them. Although you can still only hold one at a time. Because Destiny.

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Nail on the head. Those who have already benefitted from the farm will still keep their benefits, and those of us who did not benefit (either by choice or by simply not getting a chance to) are stuck with the restrictor-plate rewards system there was before.

I wouldn’t ordinarily care that people used a gear exploit to beat the raid faster (their choice and all), but with the imminent return of level-advantaged PvP, those farmers now have a power advantage over those who did not farm. So now, their exploiting has a very real possibility of affecting MY success or failure in Iron Banner. That pisses me off.