Bungie Artist Builds His Own Destiny Gun

Sloan Hood is an artist at Bungie. He's also an avid cosplayer. The two activities met last month when he dressed up as a class from the studio's upcoming space shooter Destiny, and while the outfit is impressive, it's the gun that's got my attention.

Call it "cheating" if you must, but since he's one of the people making the game, Hood has access to all of its 3D models. So his replica of the "Thorn" sidearm isn't some best-guess effort based off some screenshots and concept art. He was able to get the actual model for the gun from Destiny's 3D artists, break it up and run it through a 3D printer.


The result is a gun that's as close to the real thing as you're ever going to get.

Bungie Weekly Update - 12/13/2013 [Bungie]

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