Bungie and Blizzard Both "Enormous" Investments

We already knew The folks behind World of Warcraft and Starcraft are hard at work on a totally new massively multiplayer online game. We didn't know that Activision Blizzard was pouring gobs of money into it.

Ditto for the new game from Bungie, the creators of Halo. Bungie has inked a deal with Activision to create anew title.


According to the company's brass, the new Blizzard MMO is getting an "enormous" investment. "Remember, we have two enormous investments," said Activision-Blizzard exec Robert Kotick. "One in Bungie and the other in another project at Blizzard that we haven't given a lot of visibility to. Those are going to be entirely new intellectual properties.

"But with the recognition that the way to build them is take long amounts of time, lots of capable talent, an enormous amount of capital and you have to have a real roadmap for innovation and creativity. And I think that those are going to be two very good examples from the ground up original ideas."

Whether it be World of Warcraft or StarCraft II, Blizzard's games are cash cows. Bungie has created an iconic franchise with Halo. Putting in piles of money into both is a no brainer.

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