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Bulgarian Sacked For Milking Virtual Cow

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What a way to start the morning, with news that a Bulgarian city official has been sacked for milking a virtual cow in popular Facebook title Farmville. During government meetings.

Dimitar Kerin, a member of the Plovdiv city council in the country's capital, Sofia, had been warned - along with several of his colleagues - three weeks ago that they were to cease playing the game while at work. Kerin didn't listen, and earlier this week was sacked as a councilman after he lost a vote of confidence amongst his co-workers.


Kerin didn't go quietly. As local news site novinite reports, "The troubled councilor, Dimitar Kerin, has defended himself by saying he was not the only one in the City Hall watering virtual egg plants. He said he had reached only Level 40, whereas Daniela Zhelyazkova, a councilor from the rightist Democrats for Strong Bulgaria party, was already at Level 46."

Why of course, Dimitar. Reaching level 46 without getting caught gets you a promotion.


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