Anna Marsh and Sarah van Rompaey are a pair of video game industry veterans, having worked on big-budget titles including Tomb Raider Anniversary and Underworld. Together with graphic artist Gabriella Pavan they formed Lady Shotgun, a part-time game studio run by full-time moms. Here's their first game.

Buddha Finger is a rhythm game inspired by Nintendo DS hit Elite Beat Agents and the martial arts movies of the 70s, two of the finest things anyone can be inspired by. The ten-person Lady Shotgun team (six female, four not-female) worked part-time hours from home to craft the $.99 game, a schedule that would have been impossible to maintain in console development circles.

It's a nifty game. Almost as nifty as finding a way to be there for your children while still pursuing your passion. As a work-from-home dad, I can dig it.

Buddha Finger [iTunes]