Bubsy is a....not so great series. But you should still try out this bewildering and bizarre 'celebration' of Bubsy. You'll collect yarn balls and fly, as always. You'll also do a bunch of other surprising, kind of WTF things if you stick with this for long enough. And hey! There are cheat codes, for 'replayability' and all that.


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I remember loving Bubsy 1 back in the day as a kid (I sorta liked 2 as well, not as much as the first though).

I probably rented that game like a million times. The fact that I remember it as great is the reason I will probably never replay it now though.

I want to remember it as a beloved game of my childhood, through my nostalgia it will forever shine brightly in my heart.

(Even back then I hated that pile of crap PS1 game though lol)