Brutal Legend: Introducing Kabbage Boy

Surprise! The introduction to Brutal Legend contains a cameo appearance from the band Kabbage Boy! What? You've not heard of Kabbage Boy?

Come on, you have to have heard of Kabbage Boy...what, you're serious? Everyone who is anyone has heard of Kabbage Boy! Hell, even Tim Schafer has heard of them, and he's pretty damn old.


"Kabbage Boy is an extremely popular band that if you don't know about then you must be over 20, I'm talking OLD," said Tim Schafer, President of Double Fine Productions and avid Kabbage Boy fan. "Because everybody who is anybody who is between the ages of 11-15 knows and loves Kabbage Boy. We were very lucky to get them in Brutal Legend, and we just hope they don't sue us like they are threatening to do."

I wasn't sure about the game before, but now it's a must-buy. KABBAGE BOY FOR LIFE!



I assume I am in the minority here, but is there anyone else who thinks Tim Schafer is trying way too hard to be funny? Every joke feels so forced.