Bruce Willis Signs On For Kane & Lynch Movie

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According to Variety, Bruce Willis is slated for the Kane & Lynch movie adaptation. Bruno will play mercenary Adam "Kane" Marcus, who with batshit insane partner James Lynch is out to retrieve a stolen microchip. Willis has been rumored to play Kane since last fall — and Billy Bob Thornton is supposed to be Lynch, but that's not confirmed. Veteran stunt coordinator Simon Crane will make his directing debut and helm the picture, and scribe Kyle Ward will pen the script. The flick will be produced by the guys that brought Hitman to the silver screen. Reviews for the film will be met with apprehension from the game community.


Kane And Lynch Movie [Variety via AICN] [Pic]

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Tim Rogers

oh man, they should get brad pitt to play the crazy guy!

then it'd be like "TWELVE MONKEYS: TWO"!