Bruce Shelly And Ensemble Studios Say "Goodbye and Thanks"

Ensemble Studios is being shuttered. The studio's Bruce Shelly leaves us with one last (and bittersweet) blog post.

He writes: "My expectation is that this is the final ES blog that I will write. I have enjoyed pulling it together for the past several years and sharing with you what I could about the inside workings of a game studio. It was a pleasure and a privilege to showcase the work and fun side of our group....


On behalf of everyone at ES, past and present, thanks for your support over the years. Your feedback on our games made the next version better. Buying legitimate copies made it possible for us to keep making them. Thanks also to those who wrote us to express regrets about the end of our studio and even the end of this blog."

Read the post in full in the link below.

Goodbye and Thanks [Ensemble Studios via GameFocus]

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