To: Ash From: Crecente Re: British Bands And Japan Remember how my television, my 50-inch Plasma, gave up the ghost a few weeks back? Tristan and I were playing a game, there was a loud pop and no more television. The guy came round to have a look at it and said it was a card that handles white balance. So he ordered the part. But they don't sell just the card, so he had to order an entire new screen and guts. Today he and a helper showed up at the house with screwdrivers and a huge box. They spent an hour taking the entire television completely apart... completely, and then put in the new screen, replaced the power, plugged everything back together and reassembled the case around it. Can you believe that? Even today, in this age of plasma and LCD, television repairmen still have a job. I have to admit, I sat through the whole process with my mouth slightly agape, as if watching someone perform open-heart surgery on a friend. But it all ended well, it appears the television is back, with an even crisper picture. Just in time for my trip to Tokyo, go figure. More Nintendo Craziness today and a bit of other news: Club Nintendo Finally Coming Stateside Wii Speak Channel Coming Next month Nintendo Promises Increased Wii And DS Supply For The Holidays de Blob Review: Painting A Very Pretty Picture Drum Training: And the Beat Goes On

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