Broken Telephone Pole? No Biggie, We've Got Tape.

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In the city of Guilin, China's state-own telecommunication company, China Telecom, has a novel way to fix a snapped telephone pole: tape.


According to reports out of China, city bureaucrats and China Telecom could not agree over how much should be spent to fix the pole. As a temporary measure, China Telecom wrapped the broken pole in tape and wire.

"The company's adhesive tapes were used only as a warning signal," a China Telecom rep is quoted as saying. "The pole won't fall down, because it is not overburdened and the cables above keep its balance too."


Um. I'm no telephone repairman, but this just might warrant more than wire and tape.

Broken pole repaired by China Telecom with adhesive tapes [China Buzz]

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"The company's adhesive tapes were used only as a warning signal"

"WARNING! This pole is held together with tape."