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So this is Christmas...and what have you done...bought Mario Kart Wii again....and Brain Training for your mum...


Yes, as Christmas draws nearer, the silly season gets a little sillier in Britain, as the nation races to stuff its collective stocking with as many first-party Nintendo titles as is humanly possible. Doesn't matter if they've already bought them. There's no Mario Kart Wii 2 or Wii Fit 2 out, so they'll just buy the first ones again.

On a more conspiratorial note, you'll notice Resistance 2 debuting all the way down at #6. That's a rather poor debut for one of Sony's biggest titles for the year, no? Well, it seems there have been a few hiccups, with distributor EUK in the process of going tits-up. This has left many stores in the UK without copies of the game.


While the majors like GAME and HMV weren't affected, a number of smaller stores were, which at least partly explains why the much-hyped alien shooter couldn't finish ahead of a DS game that's been out for 2.5 years.

Illustration for article titled British Sales Charts

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NFS Undercover any good? Last one I picked up was Underground 2.