Want to see a sales chart sans Wii Fit? Check out Britain's. While the balance trainer made it to #3 last week, this week, it comes in at #40. And we only bother with the top 10 around here. I know, it was because the thing is completely sold out, but a drop's a drop, excuses be damned. As for games that could be put on retail shelves, both GTA IV versions sit comfortably atop the charts, presiding over a that rarest of beats - a PC game (well played, Age of Conan) - and...Haze. Oh dear. All of which outsold Rock Band, however, which could only make its too-expensive debut at #6.

1) GTA IV (360)

2) GTA IV (PS3)

3) Age of Conan

4) Haze

5) Wii Play

6) Rock Band

7) Mario & Sonic At The Olympics (Wii)

8) Mario Kart Wii

9) Brain Training

10) Pro Evo 2008 (Wii)

[Individual-format charts courtesy of ChartTrack]