Kotaku readers, please come into this open thread and join in the conversation, whether you want to talk about video games or not. If you do, I'll tell you a shameful little secret.

Here it is: as I find myself growing older, combined with access to seeing impressive things on the internet, I find myself wanting to become a builder of LEGO objects. Yes, it's true. While some people yearn to learn a new language or learn a new trade or learn how to ballroom dance, I wish that I was a skilled LEGO bricksmith.


It's things like the above, Tommy Williamson's McPod, and Vic Vipers made of LEGO and custom mini-figs. Should I relent to this desire to become a LEGOist? Or should I seek help?

You can decline offering advice by simply reading up on the following or steering the discussion in another direction below. 'Night!

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