Breath Of The Wild Player Discovers A Ridiculously Easy New Way To Catch Fish

Want to gather a whole lot of delicious virtual fish in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with very little effort? Redditor Charlieboy95 discovered that all you have to do to force fish ashore is purse your lips and blow.


It’s like whistling while you work, only whistling is the work. In a video posted to Reddit (via Destructoid), Charlieboy95 demonstrates the whistle fishing technique. It’s performed by floating near a beach or riverbank and using the game’s whistle command, normally reserved for calling a trusty steed. The noise of the whistle causes fish to swim away and beach themselves for easy retrieval.

Look at all of those fish!
Look at all of those fish!

According to Charlieboy95, the trick only works in areas where the water gently meets the land, with the banks of some lakes being too high for the fish to make the transition. According to several other posters in the thread, whistle fishing is awesome and is almost as fun as bomb fishing.

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Intellectual Gronk

I love that two and a half years after BotW’s release, stuff like this is still coming out. I can’t think of a game that encouraged playful experimentation— and supported it in a way that players were more than willing to continue *just trying some shit* for years after release— more than this one.