Breath Of The Wild Player Beats Game Using Only Shields, No Weapons

After recently completing a run of Breath of the Wild making use of only bombs and shields, PointCrow went one better over the weekend and finished the game, Calamity Ganon and all, using only shields.


It took around 27 hours in total for him to scrape around the map and get it done, including a final battle that took three hours. Not to mention the couple of months spent before the run spent exploring and working out how to beat certain challenges and overcome certain parts of the game without weapons.

Here’s an abridged version of the run. The Ganon battles are a particular highlight, seeing the weird and wonderful ways PointCrow was able to work out ways to deal damage using... well, only Ganon’s own attacks.

Video: PointCrow

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So I genuinely dont mean this to rain on his parade, its a genuine question, do we not count the part after this where (SPOILERS) ganon turns into a giant boar and you have to shoot at him with light arrows as part of the game or using a weapon? If so I guess I understand that because technically it is forced upon you, just wanted to be clear.