Breath Of The Wild Is Now Looking Even Better On PC

The PC “version” of Breath of the Wild already looked good with its increased resolution, but thanks to the release of the Clarity FX pack this week for the CEMU emulator, it’s looking out of this world.

If you’re playing the game (the pack is only for BotW) on PC and want to try it out, you can find download and installation instructions here. If you’re not and just want to see how good it all looks, here you go.

The pack does a few things, like increasing the...clarity of objects (especially those at a distance, while also messing with lighting and colours. If you’re looking at that video and thinking some of the effects are a bit too strong, know that they can be adjusted.


These 2K screenshots (click the expand icon on each image to see them at full resolution) might actually do a better job of showcasing the improvements. Notice how you can clearly make out buildings and even trees in the distant background.


There are some more screens here.

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