Breaking Bad's Jesse Was Great On The Price is Right, Yo

I can't… I don't… I can't even. Here's a clip of Breaking Bad's breakout star Aaron Paul making a surprise appearance on The Price is Right waaay back in the year 2000. He was psyched to be there.


Back in 2000, Paul was going by his actual last name, "Sturtevant." He's just so friggin excited to be on The Price is Right that I can't stop smiling while watching him. I, along with the rest of the world, also can't stop hoping that he'll throw a "…bitch" in there somewhere.

You know, like this:

I love these old-school Aaron Paul appearances, from Corn Pops to Juicy Fruit. He was so young! So fresh-faced! Curse that Walter White for ruining such a nice-seeming young man.


(Via Alexa Ray Corriea)

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