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Breaking Bad Has Officially Gone Bananas. Time For Some Predictions.

Illustration for article titled emBreaking Bad/em Has Officially Gone Bananas. Time For Some Predictions.

And with that, Breaking Bad entered its endgame, and everything went completely bonkers. What's going to happen in the end? Hell, what's going to happen in the next 30 seconds?


Breaking Bad spoilers follow. You've been warned.

This past Sunday's episode ended with what might be the most infuriating (but also kinda funny) cut-to-black I've ever seen. As it happened, the entirety of Twitter erupted with a single cry: "What the fuck??"


So, what will happen next? How will these final three episodes play out? Will Hank somehow survive the desert gunfight? And Gomez is totally doomed, right? Ah hell... your guess is as good as mine, so I thought I'd turn it over to you guys to see what you think.

My own thoughts: I've become enamored of The Color Theory of the show. Related to that, I'm also a fan of how Wired's Laura Hudson has distilled the generally apocalyptic connotations of the color pink (The bear in the pool in season 2, Walt's sweater as the planes crash, Saul's shirt in this week's episode, etc.) and synthesized it into one doozy of a dire prediction:

It’s also worth noting that Jane’s death takes place in an episode named “Phoenix” – a mythological creature that dies and is reborn, among other meanings – and is followed immediately by the birth of Holly, who almost always appears in pink. Even more troubling, we’ve seen Holly wear clothes that not only featured pink bears, but once in a hooded outfit that actually made her into a pink bear. It’s not a motif that bodes well for Holly; Skyler’s greatest fear has always been that Walt’s crimes would somehow blow back and cause collateral damage to their family, and the feminine, child-like associations of pink have always made it an odd choice to symbolize death. What if Breaking Bad‘s entire pink motif is the biggest flashforward of all?


Man, if that happens—if Holly dies as Walt's ultimate punishment—that would be wild... and totally fitting.


But that's just one prediction in a sea of hundreds. How about you? How do you think it's all gonna end? Now that we know which pieces are left on the table, who's going to die in the series finale? And really, who's gonna die by in the first five minutes of next week's episode?

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I just want to know how NO ONE was hit by a bullet (or five). All those rounds shot off at close range by professional hit-men and policemen, they opened fire while they were out of cover, etc. And no one got hit? I'm guessing someone will next episode...