While we know full well what the Nintendo DSi looks like from the outside, the handy folks over at iFixit have torn one apart to expose its steaming innards.

Not that you'd have any real cause to strip your new Nintendo DSi down to the component level, but just in case the urge strikes you, hit up the link below and watch someone else do it. They walk you through the process step by step, finally arriving at that jumbled pile of parts seen above. According to iFixit, the entire thing can be stripped in 10 minutes, and it's the first Nintendo handheld they've broken down that didn't require the tri-wing screwdriver, so you can just throw that away.

Note that the innards only steam if you do it wrong, which mean taking it apart with the power adapter plugged in. Don't do that. The iFixit team are trained professionals, and not technical hacks like myself who would have gotten halfway through taking the thing apart only to realize that a - I had no idea what I was doing and b - I was actually taking apart my toaster.

Nintendo DSi First Look [iFixit]