Breach's Delay To 2011 Makes Things Difficult For Players

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While Atomic Games has missed the chance to get "Destruction 3.0" shooter Breach onto Xbox Live this summer, the new January 2011 release window gives the developer time to blur the line between military simulation and video game even further.

Breach was so impressive at PAX East in March that one gamer tried to steal it. Now he's going to have to wait even longer, as Six Days in Fallujah developer Atomic Games reveals that it failed to hit the "small window with Microsoft" to get the game released on Xbox Live in late June, as originally planned.


Breach is now scheduled for release in January of 2011, and the developer is using the extra time to add additional features to the fully destructible first-person shooter.

They're making it harder.

Not for everyone, mind you. Atomic is adding a Hardcore mode to the game, a feature previously reserved for the training systems the company develops of U.S. military and intelligence agencies. Atomic president Peter Tamte explains the move.


"I've always said, we don't make simulations for the public and we don't make games for the government. However, we have come to realize there is a growing segment of the gaming population that wants to test these simulation systems out for themselves, which is why we're adding features, like a Hardcore mode, to Breach."

The move also allows for a simultaneous release of a Windows PC version of Breach.


So, what do you folks think? Ready to play with military gaming ordinance?

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I don't understand all the hype over this game. Someone enlighten me, please.