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Braving The Xbox Live Indie Wasteland, One Game At A Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One hundred days ago, Kotaku reader Steven set out on a voyage. He was going to wake up every morning, buy a new Xbox Live Indie game, play it, then review it. Now, 100 days later, he's still going.

Inspired by the mini-revolt staged by some Indie devs last year against Microsoft's treatment of their games, his mission was simple: find the best games not listed on the service's "top downloaded list". The hidden gems, if you will.


It's a noble endeavour! After all, sites covering more high-profile titles barely have the time to review those, let alone the seas of home-made games flooding the indie scene (though our own Mike Fahey certainly does a valiant job trying!), so it's nice seeing people like Steven and fellow commenter Kobun (who runs an equally-impressive catalogue of XBL Indie Games) take the time to sort through them.

Pledging to continue his arduous journey, Steven points out that the task only gets harder by the day: in the time it took him to review 100 games a further 400 were added to the service. Plus, you know. He's paying for all these. Sure, these games are cheap - some as low as $1 - but when you hit 100 days, it starts to add up!


If you feel like checking out a bunch of good (and sometimes great) games you've never ever heard of, you can read all 100 reviews (and those to come!) at Steven's site, linked below.

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