Bravely Default Is Killing It In Japan. Hey Square Enix, Time To Bring It Here.

People in Japan like Bravely Default. They really like Bravely Default.

According to new numbers from Japanese sales tracker Media Create (as reported by Siliconera), Square Enix's latest 3DS RPG moved 141,529 copies during its first week on the marketplace. There's even talk of a sequel.


As Siliconera points out, Bravely Default beat out its spiritual predecessor, Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light—a particularly impressive feat considering that Bravely Default is not called Final Fantasy.


Still no word on the game's fate here in the U.S., though, no matter how many times I e-mail the folks at Square Enix to bug them for news. Are you listening, Square? People are buying this game. We want to get our grubby, English-speaking hands on it. We're ready for a localization announcement. Any time now. Annnyyyyy time now.

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Eternal Chaos

I hate that the characters look like chibi versions of their fantastic art designs. Sigh... I've noticed this on just about every FF game for the nintendo handhelds. Is this just a popular thing for the Ninty fanbase or laziness on squares part? This would not stop me from buying the game but I'm just not a fan of this trend.