The nice folks at were so excited to Almost human's Legend of Grimrock in our PC Indie Spotlight they spontaneously expelled 15 codes for the full game. I'm not touching them. I don't know where they've been.

As you may or may not have heard, the digital distribution platform formerly known as Good Old Games is now simply, reflecting the change from carrying good games to only bad ones.


Oh wait, I read that wrong. Now they carry new games as well as old ones, so Good Old doesn't quite fit anymore.

That's quite fortunate for you folks, as that means they'll have plenty of virtual copies of Legend of Grimrock to go around come April 11.

And that's how I ended up with 15 codes entitling users to all of the nifty preorder goodies available right now and a digital copy of the game when it's released.


But how shall I distribute these codes? Oh, I know. I'll just hide them in the hyperlinks on this page. That's 15 hyperlinks leading directly to for redemption.

Do be a dear and let the other commenters know which one you've redeemed, won't you?

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