[Image: Hikaru]

If you’ve read the One Piece manga, you know how often the “boom” (ドンor “don” in Japanese) sound effect appears written. A lot! YouTuber Hikaru bought all 87 volumes of One Piece and counted each boom, even as the total number climbed into the thousands.

[Image: Hikaru]

By Hikaru’s count, there are 5,678 “booms” in all 87 One Piece volumes. The first volume only has 39 booms, but that number increases. In volume 63, for example, there were a lofty 111 booms. Since then, there has been a steady boom decline.

Here is a graph showing the number of booms that have appeared in each volume.

[Image: Hikaru]


What’s up with One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda and the boom sound effect? “I just draw a sound effect that I believe should be [in the particular scene],” he’s quoted as saying (via One Piece Podcast). “[The idea of the boom sound effect] might have had its inception from the taiko drum sounds you hear in jidaigeki’s deciding scenes.”

You can watch Hikaru’s research in the clip below:


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