Brains Are Weird. Let's Look At One Singing And A Different One Forming A Thought.

I've been jamming to Sivu today thanks to this intriguing yet eerie video up above. It's data collected from MRI scans... while he sings. Weird contrast, too: heartfelt song, detached visuals.

There's also this video of a fish forming a thought by The Epoch Times, which, just... wow. What does our brain look like when it forms a thought, I wonder?

That's a whole lot of brains for a send-off to the weekend in today's open thread. Got any non-brainy plans? Are you watching the Superbowl?

Feel free to talk about brains, the Superbowl, or anything else in this post or in our Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. See you later!


Sivu - Better Man Than He (Official Video) [Sivu Signals]

What Do Fish Thoughts Look Like? (1) [EpochTimesSci]

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Cool! I enjoy the song and video. Though, the chanting of "YOLO" seems a bit out of place.