Brain Age Doctor Is More Than Happy To Drink Your Radiation Milk

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In Japan, trace amounts of radiation are being found in vegetables and milk. People are obviously concerned, but fret not, because the guy from Brain Age is here to relax all fears.

The Asashi Newspaper reports radiation that exceed government standards were discovered in vegetables grown in Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma prefecture. Milk with trace amounts of radiation was discovered in Fukushima. The government is asking these areas to cease produce shipments.

This has led to concern abroad about Japan's food supply, with some country carefully examining all food imported from Japan. Brain Age floating head Dr. Ryuta Kawashima isn't too worried.


According to radiologists, even though the amount of radiation is higher than allowed, it's still so low that it won't impact humans.

The same goes for the levels of radiation in Japan. As Dr. Kawashima explains, "At the current levels of radiation, if you were to keep basking in the outside air for a whole month, it would do less damage to your health than a single pack of cigarettes." So...smoke if you got 'em?

What's more, he doesn't seem concerned about the spinach or the milk, telling those who are thinking of trashing their spinach or milk to pass some his way. "I'll gobble down the spinach and even guzzle the milk," he writes, "because I know it will have no effect on my life span."

Dr. Ryuta Kawashima rocked to fame with the release of Brain Age in 2005. A graduate of Tohoku University's medical school, Dr. Kawashima is currently a tenured professor at his alma matter, studying neurophysiology. Tohoku University is located in Sendai, one of the areas hit hardest by the earthquake and tsunami. Good to hear he's okay.


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I don' believe him, and why is this the case?

I can tell you. Once in a Time there was Tshernobyl, still after the years of this tragic accident (I was to young to realize this about that time) we were not allowed to eat: Milk, Vegetables, and Mushrooms. Especially Mushrooms, even nowadays there are some areas in Europa where you should NOT eat Mushrooms after over 25 Years!

Now People will show with the finger at me an ask"But Dith you freakin lsd addictive Pedobear, Tshernobyl was much worser then Fukushima 1". See, that is wrong. We should consider that Fukushima is surrounded by Water, and let us rethink our Brainactivitiess. Japan is eating a whole bunch of Fishs. No i declared myself wrong, its the Land with the most use of Fish, and Fukushima leaked radioactivity into the ocean, f*** thats a no go.

There is this second issue with eating this stuff...Maybe he is right, maybe not. If you're flying with an airplane of course (long-distance-flight) you are getting around 28-50mSv (measurement unit Radioactivity, sort of) and if you are doing x-ray around 10-25mSv. So what does this "mSv" do in your Body. At 0,2Sv (not mili guys, not mili) there is a heightened risk, of getting wonderful diseases like Cancer, or simple the change of your genetic constitution, or just DNA. Like i said, people who are flying a lot, will get a heightened chance of cancer and etc. Your yearly dose of mSv should be around 50mSv YEARLY! There we got it! [in Exception(Work at Power Plant/Catastrophe's) about 100-250 YEARLY!]

Human beings, Animals and Pedobears(I love you Japan for some reasons), whom are eating radioactive stuff, will slowly but surely rise their chance of getting sick. Pilots and Stewardess' have this big issue. Search and find, if there chance of getting Cancer and stuff is higher than "normal" human beings, you will be astonished if you find objective Reports. Its like with the cigarettes, smoke one and you're cool. Smoke on a daily basis and your lifespan is shortened = Food in Japan same example. Smoke too much and your Body is cool, for ever.

In conclusion. Don't believe him to much, in some points he IS right, but he is not calculating(I think he is, but i isn't wise to panic the people, ain't mate?) the longterm issues.

Believe him, or believe me, i don't care. But stop f***ing support the atomlobby and power plants, who are destroying our Planet instead investigate in alternate and renewable energy. We all should live with the planet, not against it.

(If you find mistakes, keep 'em for ya, i just stood up)