Braid Becomes, Of Course, Interpretive Dance

Some of the more crass video games, those for the unwashed masses, are turned into cartoons, or motion pictures. Something with ambitions as lofty as Braid, though, was never going to settle for such a low-brow adaptation.

It's not much surprise, then, to see the indie platformer reborn here as...interpretive dance, brought to the stage by the Chaparral High School Alumni Theatre. I admire the team's enthusiasm, but really, there aren't enough dinosaurs for my low-brow tastes. And where are the glasses of red wine?

[thanks Brett!]

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I get that this is an interpretive dance and therefore, given its genre, "getting it" is not really important. But for real, if this piece were to at all resemble Braid it needed to include far more rewind-dancing, far less emotionless arm flailing. my 2¢

ps - the guy in the suit was the best dancer.