Boy Uses DS To Save Mother From Car Wreck

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On Sunday, a family from Victoria in Australia's south-east was involved in a car crash, when the driver rolled the vehicle trying to avoid a kangaroo.


There were five people in the car - three children, their mother and her partner - and after the crash, the mother became trapped in the wreckage.

Staying calm, one of the children, seven year-old Christopher (pictured), grabbed his Nintendo DS, and with the screens acting as a light (the crash occurred at 10pm) was able to locate his mother's mobile phone so she could call emergency services for assistance.


Christopher then helped one of his little brothers out of the crash before his mother was able to free herself. For his actions, he's been nominated by the local ambulance service for a Community Hero Award.

Considering it involves a 1991 Nissan Pulsar, a kangaroo and a tipster called Neville, I'm going to do some nominating of my own, putting this forward for "Most Australian Story Of 2010", in the "Not Involving Saxton Hale" category.

My son, my hero [Bendigo Advertiser, thanks Neville!]

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I'd swerve to avoid a dog, that's pretty much the only animal I'd go out of my way for. I'd feel worse about hitting a dog than a human. A kangaroo can eat shit if it thinks I'm going to endanger the lives of family (and my sweet sweet 1991 Nissan Pulsar).