Boy Sells Pokémon Cards To Pay For Puppy's Vet Bills, Gets Rare Cards As A Present

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Eight-year-old Bryson Kliemann decided to sell his Pokémon cards to help pay for his dog’s medical bills. According to Local 12, the dog contracted a highly contagious virus, and treatment cost almost $700.


As noted on Yurukuyaru, since Kliemann’s family couldn’t afford the vet bills for Bruce the dog, he set up a table on the side of the road with a sign that read “4 Sale Pokémon.”

“It made me kind of sad because usually my brother and sister play together, and I don’t have anyone to play with,” said Kliemann. “So, I usually play with (Bruce).” He decided to sell his cards because he knows everyone likes Pokémon.

His family set up a Go Fund Me with a goal of $800, reports Local 10. It raised over $5,000, and the family says it will use the rest of the money for the dog’s future medical treatment and help other sick dogs in the area.

The Pokémon Company International saw the photos of Kliemann selling his collection to pay for Bruce’s treatment, and according to WSLS 10, sent a care package with rare cards to replace the ones that were sold.

The cards are great and all, but more importantly, Bruce is back home, much to the delight of Kliemann.

“I’m happy he’s home, and I’m proud of myself,” he said (via KTIV). “Now my brother and sister are playing with him too, and now I’m really playing with him pretty often now.”

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Julia Q.


great that the kid and the dog are going to be okay but like, this is another story where people have to go into hock to make sure something terrible doesn’t happen and they have to crowdfund their way through a medical expense