Bowser Gets Modded Into The Original Super Smash Bros.

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Screenshot: Smash Remix

Smash Remix, a very cool fan project that’s constantly adding new fighters and stages to the original N64 game, has just got Bowser up and running.


You can see him in action below, not just in the main game but some mini-games as well:

Considering he had to be pretty much built from scratch, he looks (and moves) great!

Oh, there’s also Giga Bowser too, along with loads of other stuff you can check out in the latest update log.

If you’d like to play Smash Remix, just grab your perfectly legal Smash 64 ROM, then head on over here for the files you need.

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How have I not heard of this before? This is awesome! The nostalgia for this game hit me like a brick. I remember when my brothers and I used to play this game for hours.