Borderlands 2 Really Does Boast An Impressive Array of PC Settings

The PC version of the first Borderlands was not considered a particularly good port, by any measure. Developer Gearbox took the feedback to heart, and promised PC players an improved experience for Borderlands 2.


So did they deliver? It certainly seems so. British gaming commentator TotalBiscuit has created the video above, which takes an exhaustive look at the many settings that PC users can tweak to their hearts' delight.


For more about the elements of the game that aren't PC settings, have a look at the review or the guide to getting started, both from our very own Tina Amini.

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Angry Tech Guy

Why are subtitles always on by default in video games? Do most people play with subtitles? Is there a massive community of deaf gamers out there that makes up 80% of the gaming market? My DVD player doesn't turn on subtitles by default. It annoys the fuck out of me when I start a new game and the opening cut scene is ruined by distracting subtitles.