Borderlands 2 Needed Afros, So Gearbox Added Character Customization

Earlier today I attended Gearbox's panel at PAX East, where they revealed a badass new downloadable class in the works for Borderlands 2.


But the existing four classes still needed some flair. Enter the new character customization feature, through which you can create all sorts of wacky costumes and hair colors for your character.

There are also "bazillions" of character skins to choose from, so there's definitely a healthy amount of fun to be had with building your new treasure hunter/mercenary.


So how many of the people in here going "OMG I CAN CHANGE MY HAIR?!" freak out because TF2 has hats?

Just to be clear, I will be playing Top Hat Commando in Borderlands 2; also I love TF2 hats.