Booth Falls On Pro Gamer's Head, But He Still Wins

Pro StarCraft II player Koh "GuMiho" Byung Jae was playing in Korea the other day when he suffered a pretty drastic technical mishap: the booth he was sitting behind collapsed, hitting him in the head and sending his monitor flying into his face.


It looks like it him him pretty hard, so his stunned look is totally understandable. It also would have been understandable if the shock (and pain) meant he'd go on to lose the game.

But when the match was restarted at the point his booth collapsed, Koh kept his cool and actually came out with the win.


Pro 'StarCraft' player wins match despite booth crashing on his head [The Daily Dot]

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Arai-the fly on the wall

Reminds me of that time I have an equally surprising accident. I was having a dinner at a mall food court with several friends. I picked the time and place of us to meet, and since the food court was quite full, luckily I managed to find an empty table enough for all of us. So I put my stuff and go to order my food for quite some time since it was a long queue, afterward I go back to my seat and start to eat.

Half way through the dinner, I felt a hard crash bang onto my head. Since our table was near the service station, I thought it was because a waiter slipped and drop a tray full of dirty dishes on me. Because the stinging sensation, I can barely open my eyes to the side and see: an air-con grill had just fallen from the ceiling straight to my forehead. I'm not talking about the plastic kind of grill, but the square aluminum grill with all kinds of sharp edges and pointy corners. If only lottery have been so precise, I chose everything from the time, place and seat and got the grand prize.

And there I was bleeding profusely, my friend offered me a tissue paper to which I compressed the wound with. I can only stare down while seating trying to stop the blood, and there's only one thing I can think about at the time: "Since when did I forgot to zip up my pant's fly? Damn it, with one hand compressing my head can I zip it up with only one hand? And hell, now that EVERYONE in the food court is staring at me!!!"