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Bon Voyage

To: Ashcraft From: Crecente Re: I Am Not Good At Putting Clothes In A Suitcase Today was spent dashing between a laptop and an open suitcase. I've managed to pack away all my clothes for the trip AND, much more importantly, my carry-on. Now to finish cleaning and prepping for a long leave from my house. See you on Monday on your side of the Pacific. I wonder if any readers are going this year? What you missed: EA May Have Gotten An Early Look at DSi, New WiiWare Announcement Today Tetris Party, Boingz Coming to WiiWare, World of Goo Dated Cave Story Confirmed for Wii Here's Your Kotaku (Video) Podcast (Maybe) A Talk with LucasArts: On Plagues, Reviews and Internal Development Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone Review: A Battle Hard Won


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I'm going if I can convince the wife. But last time I was in Makuhari Messe I got my nose broke at the Rage Against the Machine concert. TGS isn't that violent ....right?