Bodycount Dev Diary Shows Off Explosive Multiplayer

Bodycount is a game that celebrates the trigger squeezing, headshot taking, destroy everything sensation of first person shooters. After all, the spiritual successor to Black better have some serious environmental destruction.

The newest Bodycount developer diary takes a look at multiplayer. Co-op, deathmatch and team deathmatch are all featured in the video. The game's pallet is brighter than most FPS today, taking more cues from Bullentstorm than Call of Duty. Exploding environments, enemies flying through walls, and a world where physics feel like a suggestion? Yes please.

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Truth be told, I have a hard time playing through shooters where the enemies exist not so much as characters but things to be shot at. Or rather, if I can explain things differently, I tend to dislike games where the story is de-emphasized, and the enemies don't seem 'villainous' enough to need killing. I enjoyed the Bulletstorm demo's gameplay, for example, but disliked the lack of context (and the annoying narrator). Does this make sense?