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Bob Hoskins, Star Of Super Mario Bros. Film, Dead At 71

Illustration for article titled Bob Hoskins, Star Of emSuper Mario Bros./em Film, Dead At 71

Known for his roles in films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Brazil and the infamous Super Mario Bros movie, beloved British actor Bob Hoskins passed away yesterday at the age of 71.


A familiar face on the big and small screen since the early '70s, Hoskins's gruff charm made him a natural fit for roles as curmudgeonly detectives (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), working class joes (Brazil), fantasy pirate sidekicks (Hook), sleazy band managers with very little screen time (Pink Floyd — The Wall) and funny little shopkeepers who somehow wind up dating Cher (Mermaids).

Illustration for article titled Bob Hoskins, Star Of emSuper Mario Bros./em Film, Dead At 71

It was that gruff charm that eventually led to Hoskins getting the part of Mario opposite John Leguizamo's Luigi in 1993's Super Mario Bros movie. A massive critical failure, Hoskins' considered Super Mario Bros to be the worst thing he ever did.

"The worst thing I ever did? Super Mario Brothers. It was a fuckin' nightmare. The whole experience was a nightmare. It had a husband-and-wife team directing, whose arrogance had been mistaken for talent. After so many weeks their own agent told them to get off the set! Fuckin' nightmare. Fuckin' idiots."

Hoskins retired from acting in 2012 following a Parkinson's disease diagnosis. He passed away on Tuesday after being hospitalized for pneumonia.

Bob Hoskins dies aged 71 [Guardian]

Top image from AP, by Matt Dunham

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Bob Hoskins, Star Of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Dead At 71

Fixed your title for you.

Look, I get that Kotaku's a video game site, and you need to stay relevant to the main focus, but let's be honest: more people were introduced to him via Roger Rabbit, his most famous work (with the exception of playing Smee in Hook).

Furthermore, it's a real detriment to his career to even mention that god-awful film first and foremost, seeing as how even he hated it.