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Bizarre Creations' Blur is hopping on the Twitter bandwagon, giving players the ability to send customized Tweets while playing through the developer's latest racing title.


Bizarre Creations would have us believe that Blur is the future of video game racing, so of course it needs to be tied together with the future of talking about games on the internet. Using a Twitter interface built into the game, players will be able to share any Blur information their hearts desire, from racing wins to leaderboard scores to customized challenges to their Twitter followers.

Players will get their first taste of the new feature in the upcoming Blur multiplayer beta, launching next month. You can also get a look at the feature in action over at the official Bizarre Creations Twitter page, where the company's social media manager Ben Ward gives it a test run.

I'm tweeting directly from Blur - Yes, Twitter is in the game! - "I'm currently looking at the CCX-R in #blurthegame"


I personally don't Tweet much, as my followers are probably aware, so I feel as if I've been left behind somewhat with regards to Twitter. Once Blur comes out, I'll get to feel doubly left behind, losing races and then failing to whine about it in real time. I can't wait!

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