Bloomberg: Xbox As Cable Provider Could Be Unveiled Next Week

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Rumors that U.S. cable providers Comcast and Verizon are on the verge of a deal with Xbox 360 to use the console as a cable box have been circulating for weeks. Today Bloomberg joins the crowd, citing their own sources.


The article, which cites people with knowledge of the situation, says that the service could hit as soon as next week. It goes on to describe the streaming service as something that would require people to "prove" they already are customers of Comcast's XFinity or Verizon's FiOS. That makes me think this might be something akin to XFinity TV's iPhone app which allows you to browse and stream free on-demand offerings but not live television.


We'll continue to follow this story as it evolves.

Microsoft Is Said to Add Comcast, Verizon Pay TV to Xbox Live [Bloomberg]

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Mireille is sensational, like a She-Hulk

I don't understand the people that thought Microsoft was going to offer cable services on its own. Do you realize the amount of negotiations with different providers this would require? And if they did, do you seriously think that MICROSOFT would be the company to offer bargain prices???? And to anyone thinking this would lead to a la carte channels, you're fooling yourselves. The cable companies are not the only ones pushing packages... They have to per the agreements they have with the content providers. Do you think Viacom wants to allow Comcast or Verizon to chop up all their channels? HELL no. And if MS were to negotiate with them, they would face the same limitations. And even if somehow a la carte pricing were available, you would get 5 channels for the price of a standard package including 40. Only if you only liked BBC America and Speed channel and just wanted those two channels would you find a la carte pricing to your advantage, and then, probably not by much. It's not just the cable companies, it's business in America. It sucks, I agree, but you'll NEVER see a la carte on anything but the most miniscule scale in live broadcast television. But hey, don't stop dreaming.